Carbon Fibre Engine Cover V12

Part No: HY53-08-10126

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The clamshell bonnet is a continuation of the fearless design philosophy of the DB11. It provides a piece of theatre when hinging forward to reveal a panoramic view of the magnificent V12 engine beneath. The Carbon Fibre engine cover gives you the opportunity to enhance this experience even further. 

The stunning Carbon Fibre engine cover is fitted perfectly to mould and enhance the powerful and sporting aesthetic of the engine and underbonnet area, complimented further by an additional Aston Martin Wings badge that sits harmoniously at the forefront position within the Carbon Fibre.  

*When ordering this you must also order the fixings kit HY53-08-10021
*If customer does not have the gold jewellery pack you will also need to order manifold wings badge HY53-08-10007