DBS Superleggera Titanium Exhaust Kit

DBS Superleggera Titanium Exhaust Kit

Part No: KY73-35-10014

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The DBS Titanium exhaust kit uses motorsport grade titanium to give high strength from a thinner gauge of material, bringing lightweight benefits whilst withstanding high temperatures. This specialist material enables the full system to shed 11.05kg of material weight which is 35% lighter than the stainless steel system.

Not only this, the titanium has superior material qualities, especially when applied to an exhaust. The material gives an enhanced "raspier" character to the exhaust note, naturallt producing a more aggressive sound from the quad tailpipes.

The kit includes, muffler, tail pipes and centre pipes and is available as a dealer fit retro fir option for customer cars. For new cars the option should be added to the build options in the normal way.

Note - This kit comes with the titamium bright finishers (black not yet available as a dealer fit option)